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Aussie Slang Dictionary

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Here are some common Australian vernacular words that can be found in the Macquarie Australian Dictionary. Initially it was envisaged that all of the following terms would be added to the translator but due to time restrictions we were unable to do this.


noun an academic. Also, acker.

adjective attracted to both males and females as sexual partners; bisexual.

noun an accumulated day off.

aerial ping-pong
noun (Derogatory) Australian Rules football.

Afghani dark
noun a type of marijuana.

afternoon delight
noun sexual intercourse in the afternoon.

adjective 1. aggressive; dominating. --noun 2. aggression; violence. 3. aggravation.

agricultural shot
noun Cricket a wild slog of the ball, usually over square leg or mid wicket. [so called as it is the sort of shot a farmer might make]

air guitar
noun the pretence of playing an imaginary guitar: alone in his room playing air guitar.

air quotes
noun the twitching of the upheld pointer and index fingers of both hands to mark out a spoken word as a quotation or otherwise distance oneself from the word.

noun a heavy drinker; an alcoholic. Also, alco, alkie.

amber fluid
noun beer. Also, amber liquid, amber nectar.

noun 1. an ambulance officer. 2. an ambulance.

noun the chemical amyl nitrite, used as a sexual stimulant.

anal floss
noun G-strings or other items of skimpy underwear that rides up the anal cleft. Also, bum floss.

noun (plural) brakes: hit the anchors; throw the anchors out.

ankle biter
noun a young child. Compare rug-rat.

noun a quick wash. [initialism from the phrase Arm Pits and Crotch, punning on the brand name of a former headache powder]

ape hangers
plural noun motorcycle or bicycle handlebars so curved that the handles are above the level of the rider's shoulders.

phrase go apeshit, to go crazy.

noun 1. stairs. [from rhyming slang apples and pears] --phrase 2. she's apples or she'll be apples, all is well. [from rhyming slang apples and spice nice]

suffix a less common form of -o-rama, used to mean a. surrounded by or inundated by a specified thing: tack-a-rama (something incredibly tacky). b. denoting a superb or extreme example of a specified thing: spunk-a-rama (an incredible spunk).

suffix used to make colloquial or slang forms of nouns and adjectives: It was a buzzaroonie; a complete stifferoonie; Muzzaroonie (Murry); smashed it to smitheroonies. Compare -eroo. Also, -eroonie.

arse bandit
noun (Derogatory) a male homosexual.

arse end
noun 1. the tail end; the base. 2. the worst part: This place is the arse end of the world.

noun 1. the anus. 2. a despised person, especially a male; a person who is selfish, rude, unkind, etc. --verb 3. to remove a person from a place quickly and without ceremony; throw someone out.

noun the afternoon. Also (less commonly), arvie, aftie.

noun an Associate Professor.

Aussie battler
noun a typical member of the working class in Australia. Also, little Aussie battler.

Aussie rules
noun Australian Rules football; the national game.

Australian salute
noun the movement of the hand and arm to brush away flies from one's face. Also, Barcoo salute.

axe woman
noun a woman who plays guitar.

axe wound
noun (Offensive and crass) the vagina.


adjective pertaining to anal intercourse.

back of beyond
noun 1. a remote, inaccessible place.

phrase 1. bring home the bacon, to be the money-earner of a family. 2. save (someone's) bacon, to save (someone) from a dangerous or awkward situation.

bad hair day
noun 1. a day in which one cannot get one's hair to look good. 2. a day in which one is in a bad mood and nothing goes right: Having a bad hair day, are we? See good hair day.

bad lot
noun a dishonest, disreputable person.

verb 1. to depart, leave: Come on, let's bail. 2. to withdraw in a cowardly manner from (a contest, a dare, the riding of a large wave, etc.); pike out. --phrase 3. bail on (someone), to abandon (someone).

Bali belly
noun diarrhoea, as suffered by travellers to South-East Asia.

phrase go ballistic, to become crazy; get furious.

noun 1. showing great courage. 2. aggressively masculine.

noun something extremely good or dynamic: a ball-tearer of a book.

Balmain kiss
noun a headbutt.

B and S
noun a dance held for young people in country areas. [standing for Bachelor and Spinster]

noun 1. a sausage: bangers and mash. --phrase 2. three bangers short of a barbie, not very intelligent.

adjective (of dance music) having a strong beat. Also, bangin', bang n.

noun 1. a barbecue. --phrase 2. a couple (or three) bangers short of a barbie, dull-witted; weak of intellect; stupid. Also, barby.

verb to vomit; spew. [imitative]

interjection an exclamation of great approval, pleasure, etc.

noun 1. Surfing the hollow tube of a wave. --verb 2. to knock over by running into or striking hard: I'll barrel the bloke. 3. Surfing to ride inside the tube of a wave.

adjective embarrassing: It was heaps barro.

noun a terrible blunder, mistake or poor performance. Also, Barry Crocker. [from Barry Crocker, Australian singer, rhyming slang for shocker]

noun 1. a. a party. b. a drinking spree. 2. an attempt; a try: had a bash at is last night; give it a bash. 3. an act of sexual intercourse.

basin cut
noun a poor haircut, which appears as though the barber merely placed an inverted bowl on the head and trimmed the hair that hung below the rim. Also, bowl cut.

noun 1. a decent and fair person who struggles continually and persistently against heavy odds; a doer.

plural noun a woman's breasts. Also, bazooms. [originally British slang (1950s); alteration of bosom]

bearded clam
phrase spear the bearded clam, (Crass) (of a male) to have sexual intercourse with a woman.

bear pit
noun an arena for fierce political debate, as parliament house or a council chamber. Also, bearhouse.

noun 1. a large, usually old, car. 2. (Derogatory) an ugly person.

noun a person of excessive religious, especially evangelical, zeal.

noun 1. fighting: He got into a bit of biffo. --adjective 2. aggressive: a biffo style of football commentating.

noun a member of a gang of motorcycle riders. Also, biker.

noun 1. a biscuit. --phrase 2. a bite (or a few bites) short of a bikkie, not very intelligent. 3. big bikkies, a lot of money. Also, bickie.

black and tan
noun a drink made by mixing beer and stout.

phrase fire (or shoot) blanks, (of a male) 1. to experience orgasm but not ejaculate. 2. to ejaculate infertile sperm.

noun something incredibly amazing: a blinder of a game; one of the rumours was a blinder.

adjective very drunk.

noun (Derogatory) 1. someone who imposes on others, evades responsibilities, does not do a fair share of the work, etc. 2. Obsolete a man living on the earnings of a prostitute; a pimp. [a variant of earlier thieve's slang bludgeoner a thug who uses a bludgeon]

Bondi cigar
noun a floating piece of human excrement in the ocean. [referring to an effluent outlet near Bondi beach, Sydney]

phrase back of Bourke, any remote, unsettled outback area. [from Bourke a town in north-west NSW]

noun a brick layer.

noun an obscene gesture of contempt in which one bends over and presents the bared anus.

noun a wild horse, especially one descended from runaway stock. [? from Irish bromaigh, genitive of bromach a horse]

noun Bundaberg rum.

noun a car stunt in which the back tyres are made to spin on the spot at very high speed and thus cause as much smoke as possible.

bushman's breakfast
noun no breakfast at all; jocularly defined as `a piss and a good look round'. Also, dingo's breakfast.

adjective 1. of a dinner, party, restaurant, etc., to which one brings one's own supply of liquor: a BYO joint.


noun a person who needs little alcohol to get drunk. [from the phrase `a glass and a half' used in advertising Cadbury chocolate]

cancer stick
noun a cigarette.

cellar dwellers
noun Sport the team at the bottom of the competition table.

cheesy grin
noun an exaggerated smile. [from the request by a photographer to say `cheese', to produce an apparent smile in the subject]

chick flick
noun a movie that appeals to women more than men.

adjective 1. full; overcrowded. --adverb 2. in a jammed or crowded condition. --phrase 3. chock-a-block up, Also, chockers up. (of a male) fully engaged in sexual intercourse.

adjective 1. (with teenagers) fantastic; wonderful; excellent: What a choice dress. --interjection 2. (with teenagers) an expression of extreme pleasure: Would you like to go to the movies? Choice! --phrase 3. choice language, colourfully vulgar language.

noun (Offensive) one who withholds sexual favours from a man after having encouraged expectation of them. Also, prickteaser.

noun a glass, bottle or can of cold beer.

noun 1. Cricket a composite ball made from cork and rubber. 2. compensation for injury at or in connection with a person's work; workers' compensation. --phrase 3. on compo, in receipt of such payment.

noun a swimming costume. Also, cozzie.

couch potato
noun a dull and inactive person, especially one who spends a lot of time watching television.

adjective insane; crazy.

noun 1. nonsense; a load of rubbish: That's the biggest crock I've ever heard. --phrase 2. a crock of shit, nonsense; lies; a load of rubbish. [def 1 is an abbreviation of def 2]


plural noun trousers. Also, daks.

noun darling. Also, darls.

Darwin stubby
noun 1. (formerly) an 80oz bottle of beer. 2. a 2.25 litre bottle of beer.

dead horse
noun tomato sauce. [rhyming slang]

noun absolutely nothing; none.

noun 1. an Australian soldier, especially one who served in World War I. 2. a form of casual address among men; cobber; mate. [a term originating on the goldfields]

noun a stupid person.

noun 1. money. --phrase 2. do one's dough, a. to lose one's money, especially in some speculation or gamble. b. to throw away a last chance.

noun 1. (originally) a raw recruit in the Royal Australian Air Force. 2. a slow-witted or stupid person.

noun 1. (originally) an outside toilet, found in unsewered areas, usually at some distance from the house it serves and consisting of a small shed furnished with a lavatory seat placed over a sanitary can, or pit.

Dutch oven
noun a prank in which one holds another's head under the covers of a bed they have just farted in.


easy wicket
noun 1. Cricket a pitch of slow pace which favours the batsmen. 2. an easy task; a comfortable position in life: The manager is on an easy wicket here.

eggshell blonde
noun a bald person.

emu parade
noun 1. Military a parade to clean up an area by emu-bobbing. 2. the picking up of litter in a camping area, school playground, etc., by a group of people organised for this purpose.

noun a portable icebox.

esky lid
noun Surfing (Derogatory) a bodyboard.

noun evening: What're you doing tomorrow evo?

noun ACT a house built by the Commonwealth Government but now privately owned.


face fungus
noun facial hair, as a moustache, beard, etc.

fair dinkum
adjective 1. true; genuine; dinkum: Are you fair dinkum? --interjection

family jewels
noun the testicles

noun a car which makes a muffler noise resembling that of farting.

fat farm
noun a resort where one goes to lose weight.

adjective fabulous; wonderful.

feeding frenzy
noun a disorderly group of people all getting and eating food, as at a function.

noun 1. a person with strong environmentalist views, who lives a very rugged, commodity-free, low-technology lifestyle, and who usually shows little adherence to the normal societal notions of sartorial or personal hygiene.

adjective 1. dirty; grubby; unclean and smelly. 2. extremely bad; awful; dreadful.

noun a flannelette shirt. Also, flanno.

plural noun 1. one's parents.

noun football.

fruit loop
noun a loony; someone of unsound mind.

fuck truck
noun (Offensive and crass ) a panel van, often luxuriously appointed with carpet, curtains, etc., as a suitable place for sexual liaisons; a sin bin; a shaggin' wagon; a root ute.


noun 1. one employed to collect garbage; a garbage collector. 2. a garbage bin.

interjection the ubiquitous friendly Australian greeting: G'day mate, how're you goin'?

goat boat
noun a surf ski.

adjective astonished; flabbergasted.

noun a man or woman who has a sexual relationship with or marries someone in order to obtain some financial gain.

green and gold
noun the Australian national sports uniform colours: She was thrilled to be wearing the green and gold.

noun 1. an idiot. 2. a young surfer or snowboarder, usually in his or her early teens.

adjective 1. very good.
noun an activity requiring great effort, especially great physical effort.

gym junkie
noun a person who visits the gym an inordinate amount


hammer and tongs
adverb with great noise, vigour, or violence.

adjective drunk.

noun a turn made in a car by slamming on the handbrake when driving at speed, and turning the steering wheel sharply; a handbrake turn.

noun (Jocular) a horse, especially a racehorse.

noun 1. an attractive person. 2. a shoplifter's accomplice who distracts staff.

noun an aggressive, radical dude, especially a surfer, snowboarder, etc.

noun 1. a fast, reckless driver of a car, boat, etc. 2. a speedy drive; a fang: going out for a hoon tonight. 3. a hooligan; a lout.

noun nonsense; rubbish; bullshit.

hospital pass
noun 1. Football a pass given to a player who will inevitably be tackled on receiving the ball.

noun an air hostess.

verb to start (a car) using a wire to bypass the starting key.

interjection Cricket an appeal by the fielding side to the umpire to declare the person batting out.

verb 1. to vomit. --noun 2. the act of vomiting.


idiot box
noun a television set.

adjective 1. dubious; odd. 2. unsure; undecided.

noun a person from a small town, remote place, etc. [a common slur directed at people of a remote area]

noun 1. a recessed belly-button; a navel that goes in, as opposed to an outie. 2. a person with such a navel.

phrase have had a good innings, to have had a long life or long and successful career.


noun Cricket a very good delivery.

noun a girl or boy below the legal age of consent. Also, gaol-bait.

Jatz crackers
plural noun the testicles. [from rhyming slang Jatz crackers (a brand of cracker biscuits) knackers]

noun the testicles. Also, crown jewels, family jewels.

noun Australian Rules an extremely high mark. [from Alex Jesaulenko, a player famed for taking high marks]

noun a very short time: Hang on, I'll do it in a jiffy.

Joe Blow
noun the man in the street; the average citizen. Also, Joe Bloggs.

noun the penis.

noun 1. a measure of beer served in a large glass jug.


noun 1. a kangaroo

adjective 1. smashed; ruined. 2. broken, not working; ruined

noun (Derogatory) 1. a person who drinks an inordinate amount of beer. 2. an obese person.

verb 1. to downsize, reduce funding to or to scrap (an institution, government department, etc.). 2. to retrench (staff); to fire or dismiss (someone).

adjective extremely excellent: a real kick-arse track. Also, kick-ass, kick-butt.

kids' beer
noun 1. low alcohol beer. 2. the brand of beer KB, jokingly supposed by children to be the meaning of the initials.

verb to punch forcibly and without warning.
noun the mouth.

noun 1. a New Zealander. 2. a New Zealand soldier or representative sportsperson, especially a Rugby League representative.

adjective exhausted; worn out.

phrase get one's knickers in a twist (or knot), to become agitated or flustered.

noun 1. the penis. 2. the head of the penis. 3. an annoying or stupid person; a dickhead.

plural noun (Crass) large breasts.

knuckle sandwich
noun a punch in the mouth


noun a sexually attractive man popular with women.

noun a lamington. Also, lammo.

laughing gear
phrase wrap one's laughing gear around (something), to eat (something): Here, wrap your laughing gear around this sanger.

noun 1. Also, ledge. an absolutely cool person. --phrase 2. legend in one's own mind, a totally conceited person.

leg man
noun a male who is sexually aroused by legs.

noun 1. a lesbian. 2. Car sales a car which looks all right but actually is mechanically unsound. 3. anything that is no good.

(Mildly offensive) --noun a weak-willed, ineffectual person; a soft-cock.

adjective used as an intensifier 1. denoting approval: You little beauty; a little ripper 2. denoting disapproval: little fool; little turd.

liquid lunch
noun alcoholic drink, usually beer, consumed instead of food at the normal lunchtime.

little Aussie battler
noun a typical member of the working class in Australia.

phrase 1. drain the lizard, (of a male) to urinate. 2. flat out like a lizard drinking, working at full capacity; going at top speed. 3. starve (or stiffen) the lizards, an exclamation of mild surprise, astonishment, exasperation, etc.

noun 1. an infection of venereal disease, usually gonorrhoea. 2. an ejaculation of semen. --phrase 3. get a load of, a. to look at; observe. b. to listen; to hear.

noun an good-looking person. Also, good-looker.

love glove
noun a condom

love muscle
noun the penis.

lover's balls
plural noun a painful, temporary condition of the testicles which may follow a long period of unrelieved sexual arousal. Also, blue balls.


noun a reprehensible or despicable person.

magic mushroom
noun any of various mushrooms, as the liberty cap or fly agaric, which contain psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance. Also, magic mushie.

adjective 1. driven to distraction; acting crazy: He'll go mental when he finds out. 2. extremely drunk. --noun 3. (especially amongst children) a stupid person. --phrase 4. chuck (or crack) a mental, to lose one's temper in a violent manner. 5. mental attack, an occasion in which one gets extremely angry or starts acting very oddly.

noun methedrine.

mickey mouse1
adjective cheap and not always reliable, as a piece of machinery, watch, etc. [? from the cheap toy goods sold with merchandising of the Walt Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse]

noun a type of LSD trip.

noun 1. NSW a. a 10 ounce size glass, primarily used for serving beer. b. a serving of this amount of beer. 2. WA a. a 7 ounce size glass, primarily used for serving beer. b. a serving of this amount of beer. [so called because it is midway between a glass and a schooner]

noun (Offensive) a brainwashing.

noun (Crass) a nubile young female.

noun 1. a spy. 2. (Derogatory) a variant spelling of moll.

noun a person with eyebrow hair between the eyebrows.

noun money. Also, moola. [originally US slang (1930s); origin unknown]

noun (Offensive and derogatory) a person or thing which arouses exasperation, irritation, contempt, etc. Also, mother, muthafucka.

Mrs Palmer
phrase Mrs Palmer and her five (lovely) daughters, a metaphor for the hand used in male masturbation.

muck-up day
noun the last day of attendance at high school, traditionally a day of student pranks.

noun (Crass) a person who practises cunnilingus. Also, muff-muncher.

noun 1. a stupid person. --phrase 2. stunned mullet, See stunned. 3. get a mullet up you, an abusive expression; piss off; go to hell; fuck off!

mullet haircut
noun a type of haircut, commonly worn by males, with the hair short all-over on top, but long at the back.

mull head
noun a heavy marijuana user.

mystery bag
noun 1. a sausage. 2. a meat pie.

plural noun the testicles. [shortened from gonads]

noun an exciting game or match with a close finish: The grand final was a real nail-biter.


noun anyone with dogmatic prejudices, and/or dictatorial manners.

Ned Kelly
phrase as game as Ned Kelly, very game; courageous.

abbreviation no fucking idea.

noun 1. the head. 2. Also, nob-end. a. the head of the penis. b. an annoying, socially rejected person; a dickhead: He sat there by himself, looking like a real nob. [variant of knob]

noun (Offensive and derogatory) an annoying, despicable, horrible person.

noun a woman's breast. Also, norg. [origin unknown; the suggestion that it is from Norco butter, the wrapping of which at one time featured a cow's udder, is pretty far-fetched]

noun hi-NRG. Also, nrg

noun 1. a short muscular man or animal. 2. a hard knob of faeces

plural noun 1. the testicles. --interjection 2. an expression of defiance, disgust, etc.: Nuts to you! --adjective 3. crazy; insane. --phrase 4. do one's nuts over, to become infatuated with. 5. nuts on (or over), overwhelmingly attracted to: I'm nuts over her.


noun 1. the archetypal uncultivated Australian working man. 2. a boorish, uncouth, chauvinistic Australian. 3. an Australian male displaying qualities considered to be typically Australian, as good humour, helpfulness, and resourcefulness. --adjective 4. relating to an ocker. 5. distinctively Australian: an ocker sense of humour. [a nickname of Oscar, used by a character played by Ron Frazer in the television program The Mavis Bramston Show (1965-68)]

noun 1. a quick or superficial examination, inspection, treatment, etc., especially of a person viewed as a sexual object. 2. a beating-up; act of physical violence.

interjection an abbreviated form of good on you!. Also (in the plural), onyas

noun 1. Australia. --adjective 2. Australian.


noun (Derogatory) 1. a male homosexual. 2. Also, pansy boy. an effeminate man. --verb 3. (of a male) to move in an effeminate way: pansying along the street.

adjective completely intoxicated with alcoholic drink; very drunk. Also, para.

phrase pissed as a parrot, extremely drunk.

noun 1. a session of passionate kissing, especially French kissing. 2. a long, passionate, deep kiss. --verb 3. Also, pash off. to kiss passionately; to French kiss; to suck face.

adjective excellent; wonderful.

adjective 1. excellent; pleasing. --noun 2. something impressive: That new dress is a real pearler. 3. Cricket a very good delivery. Also, purler.

pillow hair
noun messy hair, especially with sections sticking up contrary to the normal fall of the hair, caused from sleeping with the head on a pillow.

pink bits
plural noun Crass the female genitalia.

noun Obsolete 1. cheap alcoholic liquor. 2. a drinking bout.

prefix very: piss-awful; piss-easy.

adjective with pretensions to elegance.

adjective (of a penis) erect as a result of an overfull bladder.

plural noun pyjamas. Also, pjs.

noun a commonplace or ordinary person. [shortened form of plebeian from Latin plebs the commons of ancient Rome as contrasted with the patricians]

pocket billiards
phrase play pocket billiards, (Jocular) (of a male) to fondle the testicles through the pants pockets. Also, pocket pool.

poet's day
noun Friday, the day on which people often leave work a little early. [acronym from the phrase piss off early tomorrow's Saturday]

verb 1. (of a male) to have sexual intercourse with. 2. to punch: poked him one in the eye. --noun 3. the act of sexual intercourse. 4. the drug Viagra. 5. a blow with the fist.

adjective effeminate; like a ponce.

adjective of a yucky brown colour reminiscent of faeces.

adjective homosexual; used in jocular combinations maligning non-right-wing types: Poofo, commo, pinko, nancy-boys.

noun a person who smokes marijuana frequently; a marijuana addict.

adjective pregnant. Also, preggie, preggies, preggo.

noun 1. an infant born prematurely. --adjective 2. of or pertaining to such an infant. Also, prem, premie.

noun (Offensive) one who withholds sexual favours from a man after having encouraged expectation of them. Also, cockteaser.

pyjama game
noun one-day cricket. [so called because of the colourful uniforms worn]

noun a pyromaniac.


noun (Derogatory) a man who is kind, gentle, and sensitive in his personal relationships and has a politically correct social consciousness; a male who holds a world view that is the antithesis of that held by a rugger-bugger or traditional ocker. [from the book Real Men Don't Eat Quiche (1982) by Bruce Feirstein]

noun 1. the anus. 2. the buttocks or arse. 3. an annoying or obnoxious person. Also, coit. [from resemblance of the sphincter to the shape of a rope quoit]


noun a person who parties hard and long.

noun a type of dance music, similar to jungle and featuring reggae samples.

noun an aggressive, macho male. [from Rambo, the hero of the film First Blood (1982) based on the novel First Blood (1972) by David Morrell]

adjective very bad; pathetic; daggy; disgusting.

noun 1. a worthless, despicable, unreliable person. 2. a person of eccentric or nonconforming ideas or behaviour; a queer person; a weirdo.

noun 1. a dance party held in a large dance space, typically a warehouse or an outdoor clearing, and at which amphetamines are generally taken by the attendees. Normally organised as a once-off event as opposed to a regular event at a fixed venue. 2. a type of dance music as played at raves. 3. an event or time that was particularly exciting: Last weekend was a real rave. 4. a long and animated conversation. --verb 5. to attend a rave.

noun a person who attends a rave; a person into the rave scene.

recovery party
noun a party held after a big event at which people who have been out all night can continue partying.

noun a $20 note

phrase get off at Redfern, to practise coitus interruptus. [from Redfern Station, the railway station immediately before Central Railway Station, Sydney]

noun a person who holds a Communist or socialist political point of view.

Reg Grundies
plural noun underwear. Also, reggies, reginalds, grundies. [rhyming slang for `undies', from Reg Grundy a well-known television producer]

noun 1. rehabilitation. 2. the rehabilitation ward of a hospital.

noun a relative. Also, rello, relly.

rent boy
noun a young male homosexual prostitute.

noun a motor car enthusiast.

adjective all right; true; correct; genuine; dinkum. [reduplicative of earlier ridge, from thieve's slang ridge gold or gold coinage]

noun (Derogatory) a two-stroke motorcycle. [imitative of the noise (ring-ding-ding-ding-ding) of a two-stroke motorcycle engine starting up]

adjective heavily under the influence of drugs or alcohol; stoned.

noun 1. a Returned Services League (RSL) Club. --phrase 2. do the rissoles, Theatre (of entertainers) to perform shows in Returned Services League (RSL) Clubs.

noun 1. a cockroach. 2. the butt of a marijuana cigarette.

plural noun steroids, especially when used as a drug of abuse.

adjective 1. exhausted. 2. frustrated; thwarted. 3. broken; ruined. --phrase 4. get rooted, (Offensive) go away.

root ute
noun a panel van, often luxuriously appointed with carpet, curtains, etc., as a suitable place for sexual liaisons; a sin bin; a shaggin' wagon; a fuck truck.

rude finger
noun the index finger. [so called because it is used when making the finger; see finger]

noun Australian Rules Football. Also, rules


noun the scrotum

phrase (play) hide the salami, (Crass) to have sexual intercourse.

noun either one of the hollows above the collarbone of thin people.

noun a sandwich. Also, sammie, sammo.

noun a sandwich. Also, sango. [from sang(wich) + -er]

sausage roll
noun Australian Rules a goal, as opposed to a behind. Also, sausage, saus. [rhyming slang]
noun 1. a strike-breaker; a blackleg. 2. a person who is mean or stingy. 3. a person who asks for something for free, especially when they are able to afford it. --verb 4. to work as scab labour. 5. to ask for something for free; to bludge (something) from someone.
noun 1. a schizophrenic. 2. (loosely) a person having an unpredictable character. --adjective 3. suffering from schizophrenia; schizophrenic. 4. (loosely) unpredictable in behaviour; liable to suddenly change disposition. Also, schizoid.

verb 1. to carry; cart or lug. --phrase 2. schlep around, to traipse. [originally British slang (1920s), from Yiddish shlep(pen) drag, carry, also, to go somewhere unwillingly]

noun the penis. [originally US slang; from Yiddish shlang penis, literally, snake]

adjective 1. very classy; done up amazingly well: a really schmick car. --verb 2. to do up beautifully. Also, smick. [see German schmuck neat, spruce, smart]

noun a stupid person; idiot; fool. Also, shmuck. [originally US slang (late-19thC); from Yiddish shmok penis]

schoolie's week
noun a week or so of holiday, usually at Surfers Paradise, Qld, taken by year 12 students after their final exams.

noun 1. latest news or state of progress: What's the score on Malcolm? 2. a prostitute's customer. 3. the sum of twenty dollars; $20. 4. Obsolete the sum of twenty pounds; 20. --verb 5. to get or obtain: scored the job. 6. to be successful in obtaining a partner for casual sex. 7. to obtain illegal drugs for personal use. 8. Horseracing, etc. to win a race.

noun 1. (Derogatory) a woman, especially conceived of as unattractive. 2. (Crass) an act of sexual intercourse. --verb 3. (Crass) to have sexual intercourse. [variant of obsolete crag, cragge neck]
noun the scrotum.

noun (Derogatory) an ugly girl or woman.

adjective 1. dirty; shabby; worn-out. 2. out of sorts physically, as when hung-over. 3. sleazy; leering.

noun a service station.

noun a blatantly sexually attractive person

plural noun sunglasses.

verb 1. to have sexual intercourse with. --noun 2. an act of sexual intercourse. [18thC British slang; origin unknown]

shaggin' wagon
noun a panel van, often luxuriously appointed with carpet, curtains, etc., as a suitable place for sexual liaisons; a sin bin; a fuck truck; a root ute. Also, shag-wagon.

verb 1. past tense of shit. --phrase 2. be shat off, to have had enough of; to be upset.

noun a woman: a couple of sheilas told me; a great-looking sheila. [probably from Sheila an Irish girl's name]

verb to denigrate unmercifully.

adjective extremely easy

adjective drunk.

noun a stupid, annoying person.

adjective extremely good.

noun a psychiatrist. Also, headshrinker.

noun 1. a totally cool person. --adjective 2. excellent; really cool: That party is going to be sick-dog.

noun a day taken off work with pay, because of either genuine or feigned illness

noun a helmet worn by a cyclist.

skin flick
noun a pornographic movie.

noun 1. a carton of two dozen cans or bottles of beer. 2. a thousand dollars; $1000. 3. an examination or preparation table at a mortuary or morgue.

noun 1. a gob of phlegm. 2. (Derogatory and offensive) a girl or woman who is unattractive, dirty, or promiscuous. --verb 3. to spit. --phrase 4. slag off, to bad-mouth; criticise severely.

noun (Derogatory) an ugly or unrefined girl or woman.

noun 1. the act of urinating. 2. (Offensive) the vagina or vulva.

adjective heavily under the influence of heroin.

smart arse
noun a smart alec; know-all.

noun an idiot; jerk.

adjective really excellent; hot.

verb 1. to kiss and cuddle; canoodle. --noun 2. an act of kissing and cuddling: a quiet snog in the corner. Also, snoog. [origin uncertain; see obsolete snug to copulate, or cant snoodge, variant of snooze to sleep with a woman]

noun cocaine. [originally US slang (1910s); because powdered cocaine resembles snow]

adjective fixed up; effectlvely dealt with: There was a problem with the bill, but we've got it sorted now.

spag bol
noun spaghetti bolognaise. Also, spag bog.

spam can
noun Aeronautics a mass-produced light aircraft with a thin metal skin.

spare tyre
noun a roll of fat around a person's midriff.

noun 1. someone who behaves foolishly or crazily. 2. someone who has lost self-control. 3. a clumsy or uncoordinated person. --adjective 4. extremely drunk.

special K
noun the drug ketamine. [humorous reference to the breakfast cereal Special K]

noun a stimulant drug, as an amphetamine; goey.

noun 1. a mixture containing cocaine and heroin. 2. a rissole.

noun a marijuana cigarette; a joint.

noun 1. semen; come. --verb 2. to ejaculate; to come.

noun extremely sexually desirable. [blend of spunk and delicious]

squirrel grip
noun Football an illegal tackle in which pressure is applied to the testicles of the tackled player; Christmas hold. [so called because a squirrel collects nuts]

noun a cache of drugs for personal use.

adjective 1. completely drunk or under the influence of drugs, especially marijuana. --phrase 2. stoned out of one's head (or mind) (or brain), to be heavily under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

stool pigeon
noun a police informer. Also, stoolie. [originally US slang (early-19thC); sense development: originally `a decoy bird used by shooters', thence `a decoy used by police to entrap criminals', thence `a police informer']

noun a small, squat beer bottle.

noun a dildo which can be worn strapped around the waist and hence moved by pelvic thrusts.

interjection an exclamation expressing surprise or verification: Did he say that? Struth!; Struth he did! Also, strewth, 'struth. [short for God's truth]

interjection a gleeful encouragement to someone's justly deserved misfortune.

noun 1. History a bundle or roll carried across the shoulders or otherwise, and containing the personal belongings of a traveller through the bush, a miner, etc.; shiralee; bluey. 2. any similar bundle of belongings. 3. plundered property; booty. 4. an unspecified but large number or quantity: a swag of people. [British dialect]

noun 1. an unfair act; a deceitful practice; a confidence trick. 2. a con artist; a devious operator. Also, swifty.


noun 1. a tablet of some drug. --phrase 2. keep tabs on, to keep account of or a check on: keep tabs on your expenses. 3. pick up the tab, to pay the bill.

noun 1. a graffiti artist's signature. 2. a person following someone: couldn't shake the tag. --verb 3. to follow closely. 4. Australian Rules to follow or mark (an opponent) closely in order to limit their play. [from tag an attached label]

noun 1. women or men viewed as possible sexual partners: Check out the guy talent on page 48 2. Obsolete the members of the underworld.

tall poppy
noun a person who is pre-eminent in a particular field; a person with great wealth or status.

adjective intoxicated, especially with beer. Compare half-tanked. Also, tanked up.

noun a temper tantrum.

phrase map of Tasmania, the female pubic area. Also, map of Tassie.

noun a type of electronic dance music.

plural noun (Jocular) tourists (perceived as being nuisances

noun 1. the hair covering the head. 2. the pubic hair, especially of a woman.

noun an indefinite name for a thing or person which a speaker cannot or does not designate more precisely. Also, thingo, thingummybob, thingummy, thingumabob.

third leg
noun the penis

phrase the throne, the toilet.

thumb fight
noun a contest in which two people hold interlocked fists and each attempt to pin down the other's thumb.

noun a toilet.

noun 1. a can of beer. 2. a light, aluminium-hulled boat. Also, tinny.

tit fuck
noun (Offensive) a rubbing of the erect penis between and over the breasts of a sexual partner.

tit torture
noun sado-masochistic torture of the chest and nipples.

noun the penis. [origin unknown]

toe jam
noun black gunk under the toe nails or between the toes.

noun Cricket 1. a powerful slog of the ball. --verb 2. to give the ball a tonk. [imitative]

tonsil hockey
noun French kissing; tongue kissing.

too-hard basket
noun an imaginary basket in which papers coming into an office are placed if the recipient finds them difficult and wishes to delay making a decision.

Toorak tractor
noun Victoria an urban 4WD that never sees off-road conditions. [from the Melbourne suburb of Toorak where these vehicles are abundant]

noun a stupid or annoying person; a jerk; a wanker. Also, toss-head. [noun formed from toss off to masturbate]

trip hop
noun a type of dance music.

noun (Offensive) 1. the vagina or vulva. 2. a stupid person. Also, twot. [dating from the 17th century; origin unknown, but, perhaps a representing a descendant of an Old English borrowing of Old Norse thveit slit, forest clearing]


noun 1. a U-turn. --phrase 2. chuck a U-ie, to do a U-turn. Also, U-ey.

noun an umpire. Also, umpy.

plural noun underpants.

adjective excellent; unbelievably wonderful.

noun a stimulant as amphetamine, etc.

interjection an offensive exclamation; up you. Also (plural), upyas.

noun a utility truck or utility van.

noun (jocularly pronounced as in baby-talk `vuh buh') a drink of Victoria Bitter beer.

verb 1. Also, veg out. to relax and become mentally inactive. --noun 2. one who spends a lot of time veging out.

adjective (of school subjects) considered to be easy or of a lower academic standard: vegie maths; vegie subjects.

verbal diarrhoea
noun nonsense spoken at length.

noun 1. music recorded on vinyl, as opposed to CDs. --adjective 2. (of music) recorded or released on vinyl: played a mean set of vinyl house.

noun a person who has not experienced something: I'm an opera virgin, and intend to remain that way; a skateboard virgin.

noun the edge of underwear seen through the overgarment. [initialism of Visible Panty Line]


interjection, adjective whacko

noun Chiefly Military 1. (Derogatory) a stupid or annoying person; jerk. --phrase 2. shoot one's wad, (of a male) to ejaculate. [from wad the wadding used in loading cartridges]

interjection wake up!

noun (Derogatory) a fool; a stupid person. [contraction of Walter, a male personal name]

noun a very egotistical, self-important or obnoxious person; a wanker who is worse than most wankers.

noun 1. (Derogatory) an obnoxious or annoying person. 2. a self-indulgent or egotistical person.

water sports
noun sexual activities involving urination.

adjective drunk.

wet fart
noun a fart in which some liquid waste is also ejected.

wet patch
noun a wet area left on bedding after sexual intercourse.

noun the penis. Also, whang, wang.

noun 1. something uncommonly large for its kind. 2. a big lie.

adjective Prison a person convicted for neglecting maintenance payments. Compare cunt-starver.

noun one addicted to drinking wine.

phrase chuck (or throw) a wobbly, 1. to become angry; have a tantrum; make a scene. 2. (of a machine, etc.) fail to function properly; break down.

noun Racist soccer. [wog + (foot)ball; soccer being seen as especially popular with Australians of Mediterranean descent]

noun an erect penis.

noun 1. something irreparably damaged, as an aircraft, car, etc. 2. a person who is incapacitated through drunkenness, injury, etc. 3. an incompetent person; a no-hoper. [from write-off something written off in account books]

wucking furries
phrase no wucking furries, an expression of confidence that all will go well. Also, no wucks, no wuckers. [spoonerism of no fucking worries]

noun an exceedingly pathetic wuss.


Adjective meaning excellent


verb 1. to vomit. 2. to talk or chatter. --noun 3. an instance of vomitting. 4. a chat.

yadda yadda yadda
interjection an expression used in place of conversational platitudes; blah blah blah. Also, yada, yada, yada. [imitative of the sound of conversation; originally US, but not, as commonly thought, from Yiddish]

noun manual labour; work. Also, yacker, yakker. [from the Aboriginal language Jagara

Yank tank
noun a large car of American manufacture.

noun (Derogatory) 1. an unrefined, uncultured, slobbish person: I gotta change out of me stubbies, I don't wanna look like a yobbo. 2. a hooligan or lout: I was hassled by a bunch of drunken yobbos on their way home from the football. Also, yob. [19thC British slang yob a young lad (backslang for boy) + -o]

noun a young urban professional person, typified as having a high disposable income to spend on luxury consumer goods. Also, yup. [acronym from Young Urban Professional + -ie; also considered to stand for Young Upwardly-mobile Professional]


adjective of the lowest quality.

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