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See Australia
Language Communication and Technology II/III

Here are some pictures of Australian landmarks located from end to end of this sparse continent. The Big Things of Australia are an example of the lengths that country Australians will go to in order to ensure themselves a place on the tourist map.

Below are some pictures of big things along with a brief description of what they are.

Big apple

Big Apple - located at Stanthorpe QLD

Big Avocado

Big Avocado - located at Byron Bay NSW

Big Banana

Big Banana - located at Coffs Harbour NSW

Big Bottle

Big Bottle - located at Mangrove Mountain NSW

Big Bull

Big Bull - located at Wauchope NSW

Big Guitar

Big Guitar - located at Tamworth NSW

Big Orange

Big Orange - located at Tenterfield NSW

Big Oyster

Big Oyster - located at Taree NSW

Big Pineapple

Big Pineapple - located at Nambour QLD

Big Potato

Big Potato - located at Robertson NSW

Big Prawn

Big Lobster - located at Kingston VIC

Big Rock

Big Rock - located at Barrington Tops NSW

Big Rocking Horse

Big Rocking Horse - located at Gumeracha SA

Big Sheep

Big Sheep - located at Goulburn NSW