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Language Communication and Technology II/III

Although you can observe mullets in various forms all over the world, only the Australian mullet, or the 4'n'20 as it has been affectionately renamed, crosses all social barriers and class divides. The American mullet (Amerimullet) for example is a working class do and the Tongan mullet is a royal haircut. The 4'n'20 on the other hand can be been seen on the likes of movie stars, politicians and mechanics alike. Here are some pictures and terms for the Great Australian Haircut.

Mel Gibson Mullet

Below is a list of terms for the Australian mullet.

The VB
the bi-level
the schlong
the soccer rocker
the ape drape
the neck blanket
the safety cut
the kingswood
the lobster
the mud-flap
the bridge and tunnel(Sydney)
the Darwin waterfall

Mosh Pit Mullet

the platypus paddle
the charger
the either/or
the 4'n'20 pie (4cm front 20cm back)
the spooner
the Aussie rule
Service 45
Tawoomba Tophat
living the dream
a man and his dream
flat-top with fenders
wombat cut
bilby pelt
the washed-up cut


the El Camino (not car not
truck for latin Aussies)
the"Framer's Cut"
Neck Protector
L.I.B. (Long-in-the-Back)
the compromise cut
Business in the Front/Party in
the Back
the Larmousse (pronounced
The Canberra Compromise

Black tie Mullet